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Susan Harman Art

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My creative voice uses the tools of photography and painting to digitally articulate a visual, abstract landscape. The art process begins with assembling and overlaying a collection of original photographs, painting the surface with digital brushes and folding up the shapes to transform into an intuitive, visual message. A message that visualizes the intangible emotions/feelings that often take our breath away.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Emily Carr University of Art & Design and have attended The Banff Centre for Art and Creativity. I have recently retired from over 20 years of teaching university level visual design courses in Vancouver. I have exhibited locally and in the Lower Mainland. Studio visits by appointment only.

Art Crawl Details

The Art Crawl will showcase two main series of recent work that are linked together by a linear thread of time. Part One: Waiting for a Sign began a few months after my mom died and also marked the beginning of the pandemic. Part Two: We are Designed for Evolution followed when grief and feelings of isolation began to slowly unfurl. Although I have spent years both attending and teaching in universities, it has been my emotional experiences that have transformed my work into meaningful art offering a bridge into shared conversation.

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