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Celebration of Nature – Sizdah Be-Dar

This event is part of the Persian New Year Noruz Festival in the Creek. On the 13th and final day of the Persian New Year (commeorating the. coming of Spring) we have Sizdah Be-Dar. This is a day when families and friends gather and picnic in a park near a body of flowing water. The tradition is to tie a knot in the sabzeh (sprouted wheatgrass that is grown for the new year), make a wish, and toss your sabzeh in the river. This symbolizes letting go of the old, and welcoming in the new. I’m encouraging people to try growing their own wheatgrass, but there’s no problem if you don’t. We will try to have extra sabzeh for guests to partake. Everyone is welcome to pack a lunch if they would like to picnic and to join for this ancient practice.

Mission Point Park: Hike for Hospice 2024

Hike for Hospice is our most significant fundraiser of the year. The success of this event enables us to offer our services to residents on the Sunshine Coast year-round. We are grateful to the hundreds of donors, participants and sponsors who return each year to make our work possible.

Hike for Hospice is an annual fundraising challenge held each May. This year, it is Sunday, May 26, 2024. You can run, walk, wheel, ride, hike, or do whatever you like while raising funds on your own or with a Team for Sunshine Coast Hospice!

Listening Walk and Sound Art with a Forest

Lead Artist: Julie Andreyev

Pre-Registration Required, Max 10 participants

What can listening and sound tell us about trees and forests? This is a multidimensional workshop—on-site in a local forest—exploring sound and listening, and interspecies communication using visualization methods and field recording technologies. Participants will be introduced to techniques in expanding their hearing sense and how this can strengthen their connection to the natural world. The workshop will include knowledge about biophony and the role it plays in forest and human health.

Expect to spend 3 hours in the forest. Please bring water and (optional) snack. Please bring paper and a pencil or pen. Dress for the weather and wear trail shoes.

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