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Hackett Park Artisan Fair

The Hackett Park Artisan Fair is an annual gathering of local and regional vendors. The Fair has been an annual tradition on the Coast for 34 years, and attracts close to 5000 visitors seeking to discover the creations of artisans who are jury selected based on talent, originality, and the unique items they have to offer for sale. In keeping with our ongoing tradition, the fair will coincide with the popular Festival of the Written Arts (August 11th-14th, 2022, celebrating 40 years!)
This year’s Fair will take place in the lower field of Hackett Park and at the Arts Centre.
We will have live musicians in Hackett Park’s new amphitheatre and fun activities at the Arts Centre. There will be a large variety of artisans, artists, entertainers, and food vendors!
Entrance by donation!

Art Exhibition: Transformation

Transformation – Scott Evans, Naoko Fukumaru, Conrad Sarzynick
Exhibition Dates: June 24th – August 14th, 2022
Each of the artists’ work is captivated by transformation – from the physical materials employed, to the artistic and aesthetic sensibilities they are drawn to, to ideas and experiences, to details of change, to emotional metamorphosis, to mysteries of life, to social and environmental shifts, and to spiritual transformation.

Although materially distinct, their practices interact in interesting and synergistic ways, creating an interplay of aesthetics and meaning that shares common ideas and concerns.

Opening Reception + Artist Talk: Transformation

Opening Reception + Artist Talk in person at the Arts Centre: Friday June 24th, 5-7PM

Join us as artists Scott Evans, Naoko Fukumaru and Conrad Sarzynick walk us through their beautifully crafted 2D and 3D works and sculptures. Food and drinks will be provided!

Exhibition Dates: June 24th – August 14th, 2022

Opening Reception: Agnete Newman + Cindy Riach

This Friday, 5-7PM, is the opening reception for our newest exhibitions. There will be cake!

Join us as artists Agnete Newman and Cindy Riach walk us through their vivid artwork. Food and drinks will be available and in celebration of artist Agnete Newman’s birthday, there will be cake!

Exhibition Dates: May 20th – June 18th, 2022
During My Life – Agnete Newman
Journey Towards Abstraction – Cindy Riach

Gallery Hours:

Art Exhibition: Lost Thoughts

April 22 – May 14, 2022

Donna Balma
Lost Thoughts
Reception: Sunday April 24 at 2pm

Lost Thoughts by Donna Balma is a suite of drawings overpainted on original works done on panel and canvas. On closer inspection, the viewer can observe faint traces of previous images, which have been sanded down and obscured with paint. The original work has been brought to new life, with surreal creatures, shapes and objects from Balma’s imagination – a direct line from mind through hand.

Art Exhibition: Slow Fashion + Climate Action

April 22 – May 14, 2022
In partnership with Sunshine Coast Fibreshed Society

This exhibition looks at rethinking our relationship to textiles in the context of a global climate crises. Over the last few decades, we have become increasingly reliant on disposable garments and textiles; an industry whose catastrophic effects are manifested in poor labour conditions, increasing non-recyclable waste and the production of toxins and chemicals that enter into our natural systems.
The project and exhibition empowers youth to interrupt the inevitability of these systems and processes. Working within a local context, what role do youth have in raising awareness of these problems, while learning practical skills that help them begin to manifest the change they imagine?

Gibsons Public Market: Meet the Artist: Paul O’Brien

Come on down and have a chat about with Paula about her artwork. “I will bring my watercolour sketching materials and sketchbooks. I will DEMO digital painting on my iPad with Procreate. Bring along your own tablet/iPad and whatever drawing program you’re able to download on it and I’d be glad to mentor you in using layers, working with colours, brushes, textures and transparency.”

Artist Reception: Donna Balma – Lost Thoughts

Sunday April 24 at 2pm, Arts Centre in Sechelt.

Join us to celebrate the opening of Donna Balma’s exhibition Lost Thoughts. Amongst older drawings, included are her final body of work, a series of paintings made over the pandemic from her studio-home in Roberts Creek. Donna passed away on March 30th, 2022.

We will celebrate the wonderful, creative life-force she was, and invite you join us in sharing stories, memories and songs together. Her presence will be missed, and we hope to bring her spirit forward, and celebrate the authentic, original, outsider, singular, primitive, surreal and unique person she was.

If you would like to present or share something, please let us know with a brief email to sadira@sunshinecoastartscouncil . There will also be a chance for impromptu sharing.

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