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Neighbourhood Small Grants information Session

Learn about the Neighbourhood Small Grants program and how to apply for this grant that provides up to $500 to individuals for projects that connect people socially or involve sharing skills or talents with each other.
Anyone on the Sunshine Coast can apply for a Neighbourhood Small Grant. Find out what kinds of projects you can receive a grant for.

DAVID EVANSON | Meet the Artist

Currently exhibiting New Life from Old Wood (sculpture).

David Evanson is a local artist who has been carving for 15 years. Recently, he has been transitioning to larger scale and more abstract carvings. He draws sustenance, nourishment, and resilience from the natural world, and that connection continues as he works with some of the oldest wood in this country.

Art Exhibition: DAVID EVANSON | New Life from Old Wood

David Evanson rescues old growth trees abandoned on our local beaches and reveals their unique inner beauty. Abstract free form carvings from old growth cedar, alder, and douglas fir encourage us to examine the consumption of our old growth forests in our current industrial logging model. This exhibition serves as a reminder of the importance of the natural world, and our too-often tenuous connection to its vital nourishment.

Seaside Art & Book Fair

For the first time at Seaside Centre visit an extraordinary gathering and collaboration of Sunshine Coast artists, photographers, and authors.

Art exhibits, photography display, book signings, literary readings, weaving demonstrations, workshops and more.

Artists, photographers, and authors to book your space, email

Hosted by the Sunshine Coast Writers and Editors Society.

Painting, Storms Pass, by Paddy Meade.

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