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2024/2025 Self-GUIDEd Arts Tour of Galleries, Private Studios & Shops

Purple Banners wave from the sides of the road as part of a self-guided arts tour. The Map Guide is a chance for the public to discover galleries, private studios and shops that offer original creations from local artists throughout the year.  

The Purple Banner Studio & Gallery Guide printed brochure goes on the shelves annually in May/June. We print and broadly distribute 15,000 – 20,000 copies which are racked on BC Ferries and the downtown Tourism Vancouver Visitors Centre and many other locations on and off coast.

Deadline: 2024/2025 applications

ARE NOw closed

Fee: $135.00 (after March 21st a late fee of $25 will be charged)


We want to meet our visitors’ expectations by setting a policy requiring that 70% of the product within the studio or gallery be created by local artists or artisans. A call ahead symbol on the listing is available for those not open regular hours.

 ‘Art on the Side’ Listing

Fee: $135.00 (after March 21st a late fee of $25 will be charged)

This is a separate category, not in the regular listings, for retail outlets supporting the arts. E.g. a gallery in a local restaurant, gift/décor outlets, art supply store etc. (Image, text and price same as regular listing and listed on a separate panel next to the map.)

Regular and Art on the Side Listing details:
  • Text for the printed brochure must be ONLY 260 CHARACTERSThis includes: name, description, address, phone, web address AND spaces.
  • Images for the printed guide must be 1” wide x .78” high at 300 dpi as .jpg or pdf

Festival Event Display ads—space is limited

Fee: $205.00 (after March 21st a late fee of $25 will be charged)

Display ads for Annual Festivals on the Sunshine Coast
Size3.5″ wide x 0.964” high at 300 dpi as .jpg or pdf

Other Advertising Available in Brochure

For extra exposure, we offer limited ‘display advertising’ spots:
Full panel: $1,500 | ½ panel: $750 | ¼ panel: $380 | 3.5” x .964: $205 (this is the same size as the festival display ads)

Please contact us by email for more information. 

Purple Banner Flags and poles (optional)

For CURRENT Purple Banner participants only.

If you are not in the current year Purple Banner Guide, please remove your flag.

If your flag is ragged and/or looking faded, please replace it!

  • $60 for flag and hardware
  • $50 for flag only

NOT A CCA member and want to Join the Purple Banner Art Tour Guide ?

Go to ‘Become a Member’ here then follow the prompts to register online and fill in the application form.

Once you have registered, filled in the members application, scroll to the bottom of the page to PURPLE BANNER TOUR, fill in the required details, continue to the check out to pay for your membership and the Purple Banner listing.

If you were in the 2023-2024 Purple Banner Art Tour Guide

To simply re-new your Purple Banner listing, log in to ‘My Account’ here , click on ‘Join Art Crawl or Purple Banner’ and click on icon to pay the fees.

If you need to re-new your Membership, log in to your account here , click on ‘Member Listings’ and pay the fees.

To make any changes to your online or printed brochure Purple Banner Bio text, log in to your account here , click on ‘Member Listings’ then click ‘Edit’. This takes you to your general listing. Scroll to the bottom to the PURPLE BANNER TOUR section.

To update: ‘Bio for Purple Banner Listing’ – this is the listing that appears on the website and can be 600 characters. Try to make this unique for the Purple Banner listing and different from your general bio.

To update: ‘Bio for Purple Banner Printed Brochure’ – this will appear in the printed brochure and is limited to 260 characters (includes name, description, links, phone # and spaces).

To update: new image for printed brochure send by email to

NEW to the Purple Banner Guide and currently a member?

Log in to ‘My Account’ here , click on ‘Join Art Crawl or Purple Banner’ and click on icon (which gives options to purchase a flag) and add to your online shopping cart, then check out and pay.

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