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Zaan Claassens

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Zaan Claassens is an established artist whose works have been featured in solo and group exhibitions internationally. Born in South Africa she grew up in a home surrounded by arts & crafts, quickly discovered her own artistic practice and now works across painting, photography, and sculpture. She is inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Her style is characterised by technical skill, attention to light, colour and detail, whether through oil paintings of water reflections, introspective self portraits or figurative bronze sculptures. In its totality, Zaan’s art is a celebration of life.

Art Crawl Details

We recently relocated from South Africa to the Sunshine Coast. Since arriving in early March, Carl and I have been extremely busy with the design and build of my dream studio. It is located in the level garden and is free standing from the main house. The 500 square foot open space is beautiful and an ideal place for creativity. I look forward to take part in my first art crawl and to share with you my oil paintings and bronze sculptures. There is plenty of room to sit protected from the rain under the verandah. So please do pop in, come rain or shine.

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