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Tina Flux

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Vibrant colours, strength and simplified, bold shapes describe the artwork of Tina Flux. Her graphic style showcases the beauty and strength found within nature.

As a child, she remembers her parent’s house full of her grandmother’s artwork. She remembers the feeling of mystery and wonder while studying the thick impasto oil paint of her grandmother’s brushstrokes on
each painting. This was the initial start to her love of art.

Tina grew up on the Sunshine Coast. She studied at UBC and holds a Bachelor of Arts
degree. She has taken numerous art classes at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Capilano
College and various workshops directly from artists whom she respects.

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Vibrant colours, thoughtful marks, and simplified bold shapes describe the artwork of landscape painter, Tina Flux. Painting is her humble tribute to our beautiful planet. She primarily works with acrylic on canvas.

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