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I am a watercolor artist who draws inspiration from people, places, and things that evoke thoughts of nostalgia. The things that remind us of simple everyday beauty that surrounds us, and an appreciation for special moments in time.
I Find this medium always surprises me with its uncontrollable nature and soft impression. I love putting brush to paper to show how special it is to live on the Sunshine Coast. My past forty-six years here are layers of inspiration just waiting to be painted. As a self taught watercolor artist my journey began as a way to deal with and process personal loss. It helped me to intently focus on the beauty of what life has to offer and I can only hope is reflected in my paintings.

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As a child I would get into trouble for staying up past my bedtime to get a peek out the window of the vintage cars and trucks that would drive by our house for the annual car show. Even back then I was fascinated with the rounded bodies which I found both unique and beautiful. My latest work I hope represents all the things which make me feel passionate, curious and adventurous.

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