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Orange Peel Art Studio - Angelina Theilmann - Art O The Farm

A lover of capturing everyday snapshots, people & things in paint, photo and with pencil or whatever materials might be lying around. For me, painting a lamp in the corner of a room, or a shelf covered in odds and ends from an old home or apartment is a way to capture a moment in time. I also love painting animals. Most recently I’ve been doing little pictures using really thick watercolour, and then using photography to bring the picture to life even more (and making cards and things out of them). I tend to be more on the impressionistic style of things, and love to use lots of colour. This year will be experimenting with large formats too to see what I can create!

Art Crawl Details

For this year’s art crawl – my first! – my inspiration is my old friend and sweetie “Orange Peel” the gold-orange pig, the subject of a study I’ll be working on.

During the Crawl, visit us at Moongate Farms 2089 E. Wilson Forest Service Rd, Roberts Creek to check out the diversity of our art/work: paintings, crafted wool, goofy cards & bookmarks, knitting, woodwork, upcycled denim & plenty more. Enjoy demos, tasty delights & a cozy bonfire: the full farm/art fusion experience… we’d love for you to join us! IG @art_o_thefarm
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Christmas Road Farm
Under the Feather Farm
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