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Rockin'deed - Nurit Davicioni

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Nurit Weiss Davicioni, mixed media artist and the curator of ‘ rockin’deed’. I create handmade jewelry, my favorite materials are glass, sterling silver, gold filled, gemstones, crystals, rocks. The techniques I use are: fused glass, crochet, silversmithing and more. I also paint on canvas and rocks, shells,create mosaics, wire sculptures and upcycle. I often combin my techniques to create interesting designs and each piece is one of a kind. The possibilities are endless.

Art Crawl Details

Unique and colorful home decor, Paintings,
Sterling silver & gold filled jewelry, crochet necklaces & bracelets,
Fused glass jewellery, painted rocks and shells, decorative kitchen utensils, mixed media art and more.

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