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Carmelo Sortino

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Owned and operated a number of successful Pastry shops and restaurants. He soon connected his two great passions, food & art.

Carmelo is self taught but has been painting full time for 30 yrs. His vibrant larger than life luscious paintings, prove that life is indeed a veritable feast for the eyes and soul.

As Carmelo says: “I use fruit as a metaphor of sensuality … an endless source of inspiration. Each piece of fruit is individual in colour, shape & texture, and that is what I strive to achieve with each painting. A unique work of art, a total visual & sensory experience for the viewer”.

Art Crawl Details

For the Art Crawl 2021 Jennifer and Carmelo will be displaying a vibrant selection of diverse art works in all price ranges. We will have oil paintings, acrylic paintings as well as collages. Subject matter ranges from still lifes on a large scale to surreal collages that pique the mind and tease the eyes.
Carmelo will be doing a demonstation daily from 2pm to 4pm.
After an absence of 2 years we look forward to welcoming all art lovers back!

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