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Kate von Riesen

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Kate von Riesen

The heartbeat of my art is my love of landscapes. The flow, layers, textures, hardscapes and companion plantings are integral elements to my creative art process. Drawing from my love of landscapes, my art emerges.

I have created art for most of my life – however my interest in mixed media was cultivated through my love of metal. The artful nature of steel – a strong yet malleable material – it is the cornerstone of my art practice.

I studied welding in Arizona in 2016 and my first pieces were sculptural gates. From there I explored the endless possibilities of mixing metal with various art mediums. In 2021 the technique of kiln-formed warm glass came into my field of vision and it became the new dance partner to my metal.

Metal and glass – my perfect harmony.

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I am excited to share my new Glass Studio and Art Gallery with you.

Glass is made from silica sand, a renewable natural resource. Metal comes from ore, found within the earths core. These are the two “earthy” mediums I create art with.

I was born and raised on the West Coast of British Columbia, surrounded by mountains, ocean and forest. Today I divide my time between the Sunshine Coast and Arizona. I draw inspiration from both the wild beauty of the temperate rainforest and the stunning geography of the Sonoran desert.

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