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Juan Carlos Fernandez

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Juan Carlos is an artist and carpenter from Caracas, Venezuela.
He had a furniture shop and made sculptures back between 1996 – 2006 when he decided to come to Canada. He attended the Inside Passage School from 2006 – 2009 then began working as a finishing carpenter and became a citizen in 2015. He has been making wood sculptures and carpentry since, recently took on painting and has been incorporating this new medium into his art.

Art Crawl Details

Drafting has been one of Juan Carlos’ pastimes throughout his life, so it makes sense that this is the basis for his creations. Clean, rhythmic, playful, mind opening ideas are drawn onto paper. These designs are then transferred to either wood for the sculptures or to canvas where color is added to them. Light plays with the sculptures giving them more depth while color contrast livens up the paintings. He enjoys the illusions transmitted by his art since they change depending on the viewers stand point.

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