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Jennifer Fog

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Jennifer Fog is a Gibsons photographer.

She’s had an artistic practice for years, painting, drawing, collecting, and crafting. She began collecting art 50 years ago. She started taking photographs on 35 mm film when she was 17. She says she is now “oldish.”

Jennifer has also raised care giving to an art form, starting with working for the Women’s Health Collective in the seventies, through caring for troubled youth, until now, caring for elders. She has a practice of making bone broths, pestos and other healthful food, often from food that would otherwise go to waste, and sharing with those in need.

Her 2022 Art Crawl show, Lucky in Love, is a result of her growing photography practice.

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“Lucky in Love”
Her daughter recently put a digital camera in Jennifer Fog’s hands and she remembered how her sense of composition and affectionate eye translated to photography. She began asking people if she could photograph them.

Most responded happily. She caught two women five minutes after they got engaged. Some didn’t want to be photographed; one couple ran away into the woods.

The pictures are not all couples; none are cookie cutter couples. They are people with dogs, whole families, friends. They have in common the happiness in the moment of being photographed by Jennifer.

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