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I am a painter of large bold landscapes. My art arises from my deep emotional connection to nature that began in my early childhood, surrounded by the rugged boreal forests and pristine lakes of northern Manitoba.
In my paintings I attempt to remember and enhance an emotional experience I have had in nature and express it to an observer. As you see, colour and texture are the primary means of conveying this experience and I use both with considerable abandonment.
In my paintings I use primarily oil, palette knife and brush.

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I am a former family lawyer who worked on the Sunshine Coast until 2016 when I happily retired and immersed myself in painting and finishing my new home. My partner and I love travelling around BC and Alberta (and other places are sure to follow) in the motorhome taking hundreds of photos of beautiful landscapes, some of which might resemble a finished painting! I love to experiment with the paint, just pushing it around on the canvas until I see something I like. I try to be brave, and always challenge myself with each new painting, by trying something I’ve never done before.

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