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Jane Covernton

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Jane Covernton has been a writer for 44 years. Recently her artistic practice has expanded to include photography and making images using drawing and photoshop. She has written and self-published novels, poetry, and photo books. Her poetry has been set to music and performed (or will be) by percussionists in the Sonic Boom Festival, and by the Vancouver Bach Choir. In 2020 during lockdown, she wrote a poem a day for Poetry Month, took a photo a day, and published the results “When We Became Plants.”

Becoming Human 2: Some Beautiful Humans will be shown in her Little Gallery in the Garden.

Art Crawl Details

For Art Crawl 2022, Jane Covernton is presenting a photography show Becoming Human 2: Some Beautiful Humans, mostly portrait photography, with a few coloured drawings. This is a continuation of her 2021 show, Becoming Human.
Becoming Human was an exploration of human archetypes using drawings, photos, colour and words. Jane said it was “a shallow look at some deep subjects.” She published a book and a website
In 2022, Jane also produced a cookbook “Infused With Love: an End Times Cookbook.” She will be selling that on the Crawl as well as some of her earlier books.

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