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Jan MacCormack Routh - Art From the Heart Studio

I’m an advocate for “art for art’s sake”. Creating art simply for the process, enjoying something that releases colour, brings forth an honesty I struggle to express with words. Intuitive art has afforded an opportunity to know where I fit in.Each piece is the result of: what am I feeling emotionally?
This determines the medium, layout, colours, shapes and symbols. Each painting is a variable window into my deepest identity.
My studio is an eccentrically cluttered sacred spot, with sunlight streaming in through clear panels above, colourful art supplies and art books on shelves, blank canvas in various sizes and many completed paintings. Divinely created, this studio offers respite and grace in a world where it’s becoming a struggle to keep our imaginations actively positive.

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Welcome to my studio where I spread light, one painting at a time. Experience the vivid energy of landscape, seascape, dreamscape and my impressions of eclectic characters I’ve met in life. I create paintings through applications of colour, painting styles, fractal shapes, layout and symbols which helps me transfer my emotional expression and feelings onto canvas. My style is Abstract; with all of its versatile geometrical structures, and the less rigid whimsical delight of “anything goes” Expressionism; with linear and curved structures, multi-coloured schemes and vividly brilliant colours.

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