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Jan Jensen

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I am intrigued by flow – its universality, its power and its intricacies. Even when flow seems to be blocked, growth continues around and under it all. My recent work reflects a deeper dive into my flow and that of the surrounding natural world.

The paintings, layered resin pieces and acetate installations are all energy maps – my take on the interaction of energy streams with each other, and me. They track change, stillness, and disruption in the flow of creation as I experience it.

My flow exploration is also fed by my Nia practice, as both a teacher and a student of movement.

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I am an abstract expressionist painter loving living in Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast. My work is informed by my Nia practice, my garden, and the flow I experience in the untamed land and seas around me.

My current work includes abstract acrylic paintings, layered resin and acetate installations – all reflecting my love of movement, dance and the process of growth.

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