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Jan Jensen

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I am intrigued by flow – its universality, its power and its intricacies. Even when flow seems to be blocked, growth continues around and under it all. I’m always exploring ways to express all things FLOW.

My recent work – paintings and installations – are all energy maps: my take on the interaction of energy streams with each other and me. They track change, stillness, and disruption as I experience it.

My creative practice is also fed by my Nia practice, as both a teacher and a student of movement.

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I am an abstract expressionist artist living and creating in Sechelt. My work is informed by my Nia practice, my garden, and the flow I experience in the land and seas around me.

Bring joy into your home with these abstract expressionist, coastal flow-inspired pieces. Small to large works on canvas, in both muted & vibrant colour palettes.

Paintings and Art Gems will be displayed at the Boutique in the Creek in Roberts Creek (#89) and my studio in Sechelt (#125).

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