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Hermione Green

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Hermione Green: Trained as an artist in Argentina and totally bilingual, immersed herself in the daily lives of those she met on her travels, spending days sitting with and befriending local indigenous people, particularly in the markets of Peru and Guatemala, chatting, observing and sketching. Subsequent travels to Eastern Europe during the upheavals of 1989, and to villages of the Caribbean Islands further inspired her art.

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Hermione travels north from Argentina, months overland through South, Central and North America. Colin Righton travels south, from Canada, overland through the same territory. At different times. In opposite directions. Mexico, Guatemala,El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile.They eventually meet in British Columbia and compare notes. This exhibit explores their two distinct visual reactions to what they saw and experienced and how this informed their subsequent work, through two cultural lenses and two personal expressive styles.

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