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Ellen Heale Sunshine Coast Mixed Media Artist

I’m a mixed media artist living on the Sunshine Coast of BC. Architectural lines and the beauty of nature inspire me. Working with vibrant colours and textures, woven with collage elements, fuels my creativity and gives my art dimension. I paint by intuition, often using transfer techniques and found materials to create original, one-of-a kind artwork. Under different light conditions, the paintings glimmer and shine to evoke feelings of movement and light, contrasted with depth of colour. Look for a hint of the unexpected to surprise and delight. I want you to feel inspired.

Art Crawl Details

“Coast Artists work with watercolour, pastel, felt, oil and mixed Media.

For Art Crawl 2023 showing with Carolina Franzen visual, Ellen Heale mixed media, Pauline Lawson cards/books, Hazel Maxwell felt, Guillaume Monsergent photography. Celebrating coastal life and creative imaginations. Come see us at the Rockwood Lodge, main floor – 5511 Shorncliffe Ave.

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