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Boom Art Studio - Bob Comer

Bob Comer is best known for creating visual illusions in movies and TV series, such as It, Scary Movie 4, Millennium, The X-Files and The Fringe. Now living in Roberts Creek, Bob has directed his creative energy towards painting, capturing his curiosity of man, nature, light and patterns using oils on canvas.

Inspired by many great painters such as Van Gogh, Ilya Reppen, and Georg Gundi, Bob paints people, landscapes and abstracts, layering colour and texture, drawing the viewer into the world beyond the canvas.

β€œIt just draws me right in then swirls me around gently, your paintings are like a great adventure.β€œ
Karen Goodfellow, Artist

Please note visiting Boom Studios is by appointment only except during the Art Crawl.

Art Crawl Details

Boom Art Studio – a collective of works by artists Hilary Moses, Jack Comer & Bob Comer. An eclectic mix of of whimsical objets d’art and unique paintings and prints. The canvases and sculptural art pieces are created using various mediums; oil, watercolour & mixed media as well as wood & found objects.

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