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3rd Eye Sun Studio - Joanna C. Cooke - OJO

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Joanna C. Cooke—OJO Visionary Artist & Colour Therapist
“art for the aesthetic soul”
Practicing Sacred Healing Arts for 30+ years, in aromatherapy*kinesiology*colour*sound*crystal* light*reiki* herbology*Mayan shamanism*cosmology*art therapies.
Using Sacred Geometry- Labyrinths, Mandalas, Flower of Life, promotes transformation, learning, healing & community. Most of my personal art works reflect this symbolism, as in a sunflower, abstract piece or complex geometric design.
Offering instruction & guidance for an inclusive & exclusive experience at my home studio gallery, creatively embracing the heart, body, mind & soul.
‘The purpose I share on the journey of life is to plant seeds of creation through art & knowledge, inspiring others to know, be, trust, see & love who they are.’

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My passion for using colour, sacred geometry, nature and the integrative healing aspects of the arts are expressed though all my creative offerings. An eclectic private studio/gallery featuring the diverse exclusive works from fine arts to 3-dimensional pieces
With practice in various metaphysical studies for 30+ years I offer instruction & guided experiences privately and for small gatherings in the sacred arts.
Please call ahead for seasonal hours, book a private appointment at the studio or your location. 604.861.9944

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