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537 Cruice Ln, Gibsons
Dave will be showcasing some of his recent work from the past year on the Sunshine Coast, as well as some other photos from around the world. He will be selling his framed pieces and taking orders for prints, on the lovely upstairs patio o […]
431 Marine Drive, Gibsons
Charles Keillor: Drawing the West Coast (in the Main Gallery) and Robert Keziere: “The Means of Making” (in the Eve Smart Gallery)
436 Marine Drive, Gibsons
One Flower One Leaf Gallery – Pam Mullins & Peter Nicholls. An immersion of wilderness photography & power of conceptual art: Togetherness-Inclusivity. 436 Marine Dr 604.886.0099
657 School Road, Gibsons
Hand Reef and Sew is owned and operated buy ocean willson and is a custom leather and canvas atelier located in lower Gibsons. Her work is unique, detailed and of diverse leather and textile mediums. She has over two decades of experience […]
657 School Rd, Gibsons
Josh is a multi-talented classical guitarist, composer and music producer. He has performed as a classical guitarist and DJ in Europe, Canada and in the US. He studied guitar in Spain at the Masters in Performance program at the Universida […]
657 School rd., Gibsons
I will be bringing my unique, one-of a-kind, hand made metals arts, including jewelry and sculptural. Also included will be prints of my original water-colour paintings
305 - 287 Gower Pt Rd, Gibsons
Celebrate the culinary arts with some of the world's highest quality oils and vinegars.
307 Gower Point Road, Gibsons
Mark Benson, Sandy Kay and Levi Purjue are opening a Artist Run Gallery with Photography, Paintings and Carvings. Visit these professional West Coast artists at 307-287 Gower Pt. Rd.
473 Gower Point Rd. Gibsons Public Market, Gibsons
Beginning with a thought, feeling or photo, I work organically with textured acrylic paints and let the paint guide my works. I start with a thought or colour pallet derived from an idea, a moment, or a feeling and let the textures form a […]
473 Gower Point Road, Gibsons
Featuring the Art of Suzy Naylor & Brian Romer - Enjoy lunch, fresh produce, and local art. Drop by 10-5 Friday – Sunday. Artists will be on site 11:30 – 1:30 Sat & Sun. • • •
473 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons
Kerri Luciani Art Inspirations - Garden & Home Decor Art using recycled steel, wood & treasures. Gibson’s Public Market 473 Gower Point Rd
373 Skyline Drive, Gibsons
“Life Force Images” on the Bluff! Enjoy bold Acrylic Paintings of Coastal B.C. and Palm Springs C.A. 373 Skyline Dr.
319 Burns Road, Gibsons
Visual artist exploring colour, tensions and energy of the natural world through a variety of mediums. I have a fascination with abstraction, the environment and a passion for exploring light, movement and the phenomena of the physical world.
350 Glassford Road, Gibsons
High Beam Dreams is an award winning business in Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, B.C. In the year 2020 the business was awarded Small Business BC Best Immigrant Entrepreneur and Business Excellence Award for Best Community Impact. Our venue is pe […]
350 Glassford Rd, Gibsons
A retired dentist who is a self-taught artist. Bert enjoys the creative process and creates pencil sketches, pastels and oils and acrylics, and is always looking for new challenges. Showing at 350 Glassford Rd
Sarah Wray Hall, 4334 Irvines Landing Rd, Garden Bay
I'm an artist and author based in Garden Bay, BC. My art focuses on abstract landscapes made from locally foraged sand, wood, salt and seashells mixed with acrylic mixed mediums, photography and poems, creating dreamy textures and collages […]
Rockwood Lodge, main floor, 5511 Schorncliffe Ave, Sechelt
I work with pastel, acrylic and oil. I am drawn to the subtle changes in texture, colour hue and temperature that manifest themselves in this coastal landscape. I hope to inspire a sense of serenity and quiet appreciation of what is unive […]
350 Glassford Rd, Gibsons
Nature nourishes and teaches me patience. Enjoy photos inspired from beautiful BC, capturing wildlife, and landscapes.
350 Glassford Road,, Gibsons
Susan Galick is a Canadian artist who has embraced art and creativity since childhood. Her works are influenced by her passion of the outdoors and her wonderful memories of living and traveling around beautiful British Columbia: Quesnel […]
Sarah Wray Hall. 4334 Irvines Landing Rd, Garden Bay
Kevin paints in a variety of media, favouring natural scenes with an abstract feel. Currently, he draws inspiration from hiking, kayaking & journeying around the Sunshine Coast, being particularly attracted to the play of light on shores […]

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